quinta-feira, 24 de maio de 2007

A Summer Retreat

with Amy Hollowell Sensei

In the Zen tradition, summer is an auspicious season for intensive practice, when practitioners retreat to the countryside, leaving behind their usual preoccupations. During this week of retreat in Portugal, the distance from our habitual activities will help us cultivate clarity and awareness and a more intimate experience of ourselves, others and the world.

Beginners and experienced practitioners alike are welcome.

Date: July 26 (18h) – August 1st (12h)
Place: Centro de Formação Agrícola de Malhadas (see their web page here)
Estrada Nacional, 5210-150 Malhadas (6 km far from Miranda do Douro) Portugal
Price: 175 euros (200 euros for registration after the 1st July), lodging and vegetarian meals included

For information and to register: ubporto@gmail.com
cell phone (351) 91 7088371

Amy Hollowell Sensei is a dharma heir of the French Zen teacher Catherine Genno Pages Roshi and a teacher within the international White Plum lineage, which incorporates both the Soto and Rinzai Zen Buddhist traditions.

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